OREANDA-NEWS. Former Belarusian presidential candidate Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya recorded a video message in which she urged Russians not to succumb to the influence of Russian propaganda.

“Russian propaganda is trying to distort what is happening in Belarus as much as possible. I urge you not to succumb to the influence of this lie and to know the real reason why the Belarusian people demand the resignation of Lukashenko,” Tsikhanouskaya said. According to her, the President of Belarus took part in the campaign of 2020 “without a chance for re-election” and for support of the people due to the “long-term crisis in the economy” and “unwillingness of citizens to put up with the lack of basic rights and freedoms.” Because of this, Lukashenko chose the tactic of not allowing independent candidates to the presidential election, as well as refusing participation of international observers, the oppositionist said, noting that the election results were falsified. In her address, she also told about pressure on members of election commissions in Belarus.

Tsikhanouskaya recalled the demands of the protesters: resignation of Lukashenko and holding of transparent elections with the participation of all candidates; release of all political prisoners; investigation into the actions of the Belarusian authorities.

The politician stressed that Belarusians are grateful to Russians supporting the struggle of the Belarusian people for freedom.