OREANDA-NEWS. In case of voluntary and peaceful resignation from the presidency, Alexander Lukashenko can receive security guarantees from the opposition. Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, the former presidential candidate of Belarus, stated this in an interview with the Ukrainian newspaper Levy Bereg.

Being asked whether Lukashenko will be provided with security guarantees in the event of his peaceful resignation, Tsikhanouskaya replied: “This can be discussed. Of course, if he leaves peacefully, there is such a probability. You’d even say a certainty. I personally have to speak for all people, and the opinion of all people will be taken into account regarding this matter.”

Tsikhanouskaya also spoke about plans for the composition of the government in the event of coming to power. According to her, during the preparation for the new presidential election, the country will be led by an interim government from among the current ministers.