OREANDA-NEWS.The Turkish Prosecutor General’s Office opened a criminal case against the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which published a cartoon of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The investigation will be carried out on the fact of insulting the head of state, the employees of the magazine became defendants.

In a drawing published on October 27, half-naked Erdogan is sitting in an armchair, holding an open can of drink in one hand, and pulling up the clothes of a woman in hijab with the other. This cartoon was published amid the conflict between Turkey and France over the words of French President Emmanuel Macron about Islam.

Macron’s speech was connected with a murder near Paris, where a native of Chechnya, 18-year-old Abdullah Anzorov, killed teacher Samuel Paty, who showed caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad at a freedom of speech lesson. The French President called the murder a terrorist attack. Islam is a religion that is now in crisis all over the world, Macron said. According to him, radical Islamism openly expresses its intention to impose its own order.

The speech of the French President caused a crisis in relations with Turkey. Erdogan offered Macron to have “mental checks,” and France in response recalled the ambassador from Ankara.