OREANDA-NEWS. As a result of the FBI audit, 12 US National Guard soldiers were suspended from duty during the inauguration of Joe Biden. The reason for the suspension of two soldiers was «inappropriate comments or tweets», said on Tuesday, January 19, the commander of the US National Guard, General Daniel Hokanson. According to the Fox TV channel, they belonged to right-wing radical circles or spread extremist views in social networks.

Ten other employees failed the FBI background check. According to Hokanson, they were suspended for reasons unrelated to security during the inauguration. It remains unclear whether the military personnel will be disciplined.

Capitol attack by Donald Trump supporters on January 6 was the reason, that the inauguration of Joe Biden will be held with enhanced security measures. To ensure order in Washington, 25 thousand soldiers of the National Guard of the United States were pulled together. Supporters of Donald Trump stormed the Capitol after his calls to come to the rally. They tried to prevent the approval of the results of the presidential election. As a result of the riots, five people were killed.