OREANDA-NEWS. The Ukrainian state institution Derzhgidrographia (State Hydrography) proposes to initiate negotiations with Moscow on the establishment of the naval border between Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

“In 2003, Ukraine and the Russian Federation concluded an agreement on the Russian-Ukrainian state border… Unfortunately, no sea borders were established by this agreement. Therefore, Derzhgidrographia proposes to initiate a compulsory negotiation process with Russia on the establishment of naval border between Ukraine and the Russian Federation,” – the report on the agency’s website says. According to the agency, without establishing a sea border with the Russian Federation, Ukraine will never be able to exercise its sovereignty within the sea completely, use its rights within the sea zone, and legally use marine natural resources.

Earlier, Derzhgidrographia reported that it initiated the creation of a marine special area around the Crimea in order to block the entry of foreign and a part of Russian vessels into all ports of the peninsula.

The relations between Moscow and Kiev deteriorated amid the conflict in the Donbass. The Ukrainian authorities accused Russia of interfering in the country’s internal affairs. In January 2015, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a statement in which the Russian Federation was called “the aggressor country.” Russia denies it and calls it unacceptable. Moscow stated that Russia is not a party in the intra-Ukrainian conflict and it is interested in overcoming the political and economic crisis in Kiev.