OREANDA-NEWS Ukraine signed the Protocol after lengthy consultations with the relevant Executive authorities. Protocol signature was sent to the Russian side through diplomatic channels to Ukrainian fishermen could carry out fishing in the sea of Azov in the right field, said Yaroslav Belov.

"After long consultations with the relevant Executive authorities, it was decided to send the Protocol of the signature to the Russian side through diplomatic channels so that Ukrainian fishermen could continue to catch aquatic biological resources in the Azov sea within the legal framework, - his words are given in the message published on the Agency's website. "The Protocol was signed through diplomatic channels."

He also noted that the signing of the Protocol gives a number of advantages to Ukrainian fishermen. For example, Ukraine has a quota of 9 thousand tons for the catch of goby, and for Russia - 6 thousand tons. In addition, according to the Protocol, the detained fishermen will be transferred to the party whose nationality they have.

The meeting of the Commission on fisheries in the Azov Sea with the participation of Russian and Ukrainian representatives was held on October 24, 2018 in Kiev. Present at the meeting, the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Refat Chubarov disrupted the meeting and called the security forces, arguing that the fact that the representative of the Russian side Igor Rulev visited the Crimea in violation of Ukrainian legislation. In this regard, the document was not signed.

In December 2018, the Azov-Black Sea territorial administration of RosRybolovstvo reported that the Protocol between Russia and Ukraine regulating fishing in the Azov Sea for 2019 will be signed through diplomatic channels of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and Russia. Under the terms of the Protocol, the Azov Sea is an Inland Sea of Two States, it will be able to fish both Russian and Ukrainian fishermen.