OREANDA-NEWS. From 2014 till 2015, the damage from “Russian aggression” to the Ukrainian economy amounted to 15–20 % of the gross domestic product (GDP). This assessment was made by Tymofiy Mylovanov, the Ukrainian Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture.

“I will provide statistics on economic losses from Russian aggression. Direct losses in 2014–2015 amounted to 15–20 % of GDP. According to the estimates, the total losses range from 50 to 150 billion dollars,” Mylovanov wrote on Facebook .

The minister also reported that, according to the estimates of Anders Aslund, a professor at Georgetown University who specializes in the economics of Russia and Ukraine, the damage is about 100 billion US dollars.

Mylovanov wrote that only in the state property located in the territories not controlled by Kiev (Crimea and Donbass), the Ukrainian economy lost about 85 billion hryvnas (about 3.6 billion US dollars). He specified that in the territory of Crimea, including Sevastopol, 57.7 thousand objects of state property were registered, their residual value is 46 billion hryvnas (about 1.9 billion dollars); in the Donetsk Region, there are almost 120 thousand of such objects, their residual value is estimated at 33 billion hryvnas; almost 70 thousand objects owned by the Ukrainian authorities with a residual value of 23 billion hryvnas are located in the Lugansk Region.

Mylovanov, referring to the information of the State Property Fund of Ukraine, resumed that about 70 % of state assets in Donetsk and Lugansk regions are located in territories not controlled by Kiev.