OREANDA-NEWS. Ekonomicheskaya Pravda edition wrote that Ukraine will lose 1.3 % of exports to Russia due to new sanctions imposed by Moscow in December on a number of industrial goods.

According to the publication, the total loss of Ukraine will amount 31.2 million US dollars.

The Russian government has banned its manufacturers from exporting paper and cardboard for recycling to Ukraine, which is 0.4 % of the import of all Russian goods worth 21.4 million dollars. Ukraine, according to the article, received almost half of these goods from Russia.

At the same time, in monetary terms, the greatest losses from sanctions will be felt by the Ukrainian market of industrial medical goods. They will amount to 16.1 million dollars, since it is forbidden to import hot-water bottles, medical tubes and air ducts, tourniquets into Russia. In addition, the market for central heating boilers will lose 8.7 million dollars.