OREANDA-NEWS. Ilya Kiva, the member of political party “Opposition Platform – For Life”, said that Ukraine as a state may disappear due to political experiments within 3 years.

“In next three years, we can lose the country making this hell’s experiment. […] Today, when I hear the words “reform” or “experiment,” it immediately seems to me that they want to deceive and rob us. I have great respect and hope for the fact that new people will come to Rada (The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine; the Supreme Council of Ukraine – the unicameral parliament of Ukraine. – Ed.), but the presence of those who have never worked anywhere and never studied anywhere frightens me. In what sphere of activity are they professionals?" the politician said on the TV channel NewsOne.

According to him, it will be a “big victory” if Ukraine can survive the year 2020, because the budget has already included an increase in tariffs of housing and communal services, and the Ukrainians can hardly bear it.

Kiva also noted that the Ukrainian authorities should not fulfill “the tasks of the State Department and the European Union” and to please the International Monetary Fund, ignoring the needs of ordinary people.

Sergei Tsekov, a member of the Russian Council of the Federation Committee on International Affairs, commented a statement of Kiva.

“Those people who supported Maidan (Maidan Nezalezhnosti, the symbol of political activity. – Ed.), who agreed with everything that is happening in Ukraine, the well-known Kiva have begun to see the light. In general, this makes clear that many in Ukraine began to see the light,” the senator said.

He stressed that an indicator of it is the low results of voting for Petro Poroshenko, first as a presidential candidate, and then as the leader of the “European Solidarity” party.