OREANDA-NEWS. Anton Korynevych, the presidential representative of Ukraine in the Crimea, said that the team of President Volodymyr Zelensky is developing a “strategy for recovery” of the peninsula.

Korynevych noted that a special working group has been created for this purpose, it will develop political and diplomatic methods for implementing this plan. In particular, Kiev plans to create a concept of “transitional justice” for the Crimea and Donbass. Other details of the strategy were not mentioned by the politician.

“No one is going to yield in the position on the Crimea. We are sure that the Crimea is ours. There can be no other position,” he concluded.

Ukrainian officials regularly announce new plans for the recovery of the peninsula under the jurisdiction of Kiev. Earlier, Korynevych said that Ukrainian authorities had already prepared “certain groundwork” for this matter. In September, Zelensky reported on “new ideas and formats” for it.

Andrey Kozenko, the deputy of Russian State Duma, commented on the statement of Korynevych. “Traditionally, they are developing one more grandiose plan. Such statements about “diplomatic approaches” on the anniversary of the energy blockade are at least inappropriate. It seems that the only thing that Kiev is able to do nowadays is to develop strategies and plans which cannot be implemented due to their senselessness and absence of logic,” Kozenko stated. The politician emphasized that since the referendum in the Crimea in March 2014, nothing has changed.