OREANDA-NEWS. Russia, China and Iran are trying to prevent the United States from getting a vaccine against COVID-19. This was stated by Bill Evanina, Director of the US National Counterintelligence and Security Center during an interview with the television channel Hearst.

“I would probably say that, for sure, China, Russia and Iran… are trying to prevent us from getting the vaccine,” he said. However, the head of the American counterintelligence service did not provide any evidence in support of what was said.

According to Evanina, Russia has begun to use new tactics compared to the one that allegedly was used in 2016. “The change is that the Russians are no longer using their own mostly proxies and bots and troll farms because they got caught. They’re now taking US citizens’ information and it and they are taking it and amplifying it,” he explained. Evanina claimed that the Russian Federation seeks to “sow discord” and “destroy democracy” in the United States.