OREANDA-NEWS. The House of Representatives of the United States Congress overcame the President Donald Trump’s veto on the 740 billion dollars defense budget, including new sanctions against the gas pipeline Nord Stream 2.

For this, the lower house needed to get two-thirds of the votes of its members. 322 congressmen voted for overcoming the veto, 87 voted against.

Thus, on December 29, the Senate of Congress will meet to pass the defense budget.

On December 23, Trump blocked the draft of the United States Congress-approved military budget for fiscal 2021 which started on October 1. It was emphasized that the US administration recognizes the importance of the bill for the national security, but in its current form this document is a gift to China and Russia.

On December 28, it was reported that Trump signed a draft budget for fiscal 2021, including a 900 billion dollars economic aid package in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.