OREANDA-NEWS. US sanctions against Russia in connection with the «Navalny case» may affect 10 officials with ties to the leadership of the Russian Federation. This was reported on Tuesday, March 2, by Bloomberg, citing an unnamed representative of the US authorities.

According to Bloomberg, the US sanctions are scheduled to be announced as early as Tuesday, and they will be comparable to the upcoming EU restrictive measures. These restrictions will be the first imposed on Russia by the administration of President Joe Biden and it will «set the tone for further policy towards Moscow». The Biden administration thus wants to send a «strong message» to Russia regarding respect for human rights. They will also demonstrate the importance of taking action together with allies.

In the coming weeks, according to the sources, «it is planned to solve a broader set of problems related to the challenges from Russia», CNN noted. One of the options being discussed is a Russia-focused executive order, that would lead to sanctions against Russia «for it's numerous attacks on American democracy and American personnel, including hacking attacks on «SolarWinds» and awards awarded for the killings of American soldiers in Afghanistan, all in one package», one of the sources explained to CNN.