OREANDA-NEWS. The United States may impose sanctions against Belarus due to the presidential election and subsequent unrest in the country. This was announced by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in an interview during a visit to Prague, the text of which was published by the State Department.

Being asked about possible sanctions against Minsk or the suspension of oil supplies which began in May of this year, Pompeo did not rule out taking these measures in the future. “I’m sure we’ll look at each of these things, and the important thing to note is the criteria,” he said.

According to the head of the American diplomacy, Washington is considering the possibility of imposing sanctions not only in a unilateral format, but also in a multilateral version. Pompeo noted that the exact mechanism of influence on Belarus will be determined after the situation in the country stabilizes.

The Secretary of State called the election held in Belarus not free and unfair. “We were incredibly troubled by the election and deeply disappointed that it wasn’t more free and more fair. We’ve seen this behavior before, and we regret that this is how it’s transpired,” Pompeo explained.