OREANDA-NEWS. Some of the Afghan soldiers trained by the forces of the United Kingdom and the United States have gone over to the side of the «Taliban» militants (banned in the Russian Federation). According to preliminary data, this happened after the capture of Panjshir. This is reported by The Times.

British army officers studied photos of the «Taliban» with weapons. They came to the conclusion that some of the fighters use methods that they learned from the UK and the US. Moreover, the British military said that he identified one Taliban militant who ran a «straight finger» on the trigger guard of a pistol. This indicates that he was trained by Western troops, since the «Taliban» hold the machine gun «randomly». Another British military believes that the «Taliban» use strict discipline, and this indicates their training.

Earlier it was reported that the «Taliban» announced the preliminary composition of the new government of Afghanistan. It includes associates of the founder of the «Taliban» Mullah Omar. His son, Mohammad Yaqub, will become the Minister of Defense, and a close associate, Mohammad Hassan Akhund, will head the cabinet.