OREANDA-NEWSOpponents of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro intend to start broadcasting their own television signal on the Telesur TV channel, controlled by the official authorities. This was announced on Sunday by the leader of the Venezuelan opposition, Haun Guaido.

"A presidential restructuring commission has been created. The commission will coordinate with our neighbors in the region the beginning of the process of replacing the current television signal with new content that meets the principles of pluralism and democracy, which can be broadcast and received in Venezuela and beyond", the politician wrote in his Twitter

According to him, the structure of the future body will include "experienced independent professionals", whose names will be announced in the coming days. The current Telesur television program does not suit the opposition, because, in their opinion, "it is used to destabilize the region, support terrorist groups, attempt on democracy, spread lies about Venezuela and defend Maduro’s dictatorship".

On January 5, Venezuelan National Assembly Deputy Luis Parra, who is a political opponent of Guaido, declared himself the new head of the legislature. Part of the opposition rejected his oath, saying there was no quorum at the session. Guaido accused the authorities of obstructing the access of deputies to the parliament building, where the presidential election was to be held. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called the appointment of a new speaker legal.