OREANDA-NEWS. Serbia will defend its territory without joining any military structures. This was stated on October 14 by the President of the republic, Aleksandar Vucic, during an online interview with TASS news agency.

“Serbia will never join NATO or any other military structure. It will be a self-reliant, independent, free state that adheres to a policy of military neutrality,” the politician said. “For eight years now – I would like to say this to the entire Russian public – I have been listening to conversations that Vucic would like to involve Serbia in NATO, that he is a traitor who is just trying to seize a moment to do this. All great friends of Russia are in NATO, except for the traitor Vucic,” the President added.

Vucic also assured that Serbia will never impose sanctions against the Russian Federation. According to him, Belgrade does not intend to do so even under pressure, since it does not plan to spoil relations with Moscow.