OREANDA-NEWS. Vladimir Zelensky stressed the importance of developing a state in which the government helps business, and does not adapt to its requirements. The President of Ukraine also said that he plans to continue the judicial and land reform, as well as to complete priority infrastructure projects.

Earlier, Zelensky has already reported that he plans a set of measures to de-oligarchize the state. He plans to reform many economic and social processes. In particular, he wants to make all processes in the state more transparent, as well as introduce a number of measures against the accumulation of resources in the hands of "the chosen ones".

Recall that Zelensky came to the post of president of Ukraine in 2019, gaining 73% of the vote. Thus, Vladimir Zelensky became the sixth president of Ukraine, and the youngest. The main course he chose was the regulation of interstate relations, the fight against corruption and the strengthening of Ukraine's position on the world stage. In addition, the new head of state said that he considers one of the main priorities to bring to justice former government officials who are involved in the unfair performance of their duties.