OREANDA-NEWS. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wrote that the country could prove that “the impossible is possible” and proposed its own “formula of the future”. He stated his thoughts in the author column for a special issue of the magazine “Novoye Vremya. Mir v 2020.”

In the article, Zelensky admits that nowadays Ukraine cannot lay claim to global leadership. “But we certainly can become the most dynamically developing country in the world, a country with the fastest pace of positive changes not only in the economy, but in all areas of life,” the President writes.

According to the author, the “formula of the future" for Ukraine has five components.

The first is peace, without which, according to Zelensky, there can be no development. “We want peace on our own terms. That means: with the return to Ukraine of the territories and our people,” the politician writes.

The second component is “effective institutions and transparent rules of the game, binding for everyone”. The President explains that this means victory over corruption, fair trial, equal protection of the law and protection of property rights.

The third factor is investment. According to Zelensky, it is necessary to “remove impassable barriers and unnecessary regulations that impede business development.”

Zelensky classified a “qualitatively different infrastructure” as the fourth component of his formula. First of all, according to him, it includes roads, but also everything that helps a person to live and achieve success in Ukraine: “medical, educational, digital, energy, financial and municipal infrastructure”.

Zelensky calls democracy the fifth component of the formula for the future for his country. “Not declarative, but real. A mechanism that will allow people to influence decisions of the authorities from the level of an ordinary citizen to the level of the President,” Zelensky emphasizes.