OREANDA-NEWSBelarus lost about $ 330 million due to the tax maneuver in Russia in 2019, Prime Minister Sergei Rumas said at a meeting with the President of Belarus on ensuring efficient operation of the country's fuel and energy complex on Thursday.

"For Belarus, in 2019, total losses totaled about 330 million dollars, including budget losses - $ 130 million, losses of oil refineries - almost $ 200 million", said Rumas, quoted by the Belarusian news agency.

Earlier it was reported that President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko announced the need to return to negotiations with Moscow on compensation for a tax maneuver in the oil sector. He recalled that the tax maneuver conducted in Russia led to a reduction in export customs duties on petroleum products. Earlier, Minsk predicted that in 2019–2024 Belarus’s losses would amount to $ 10.5 billion. At the same time, prices in Belarus could rise by 21.3%.