OREANDA-NEWS Russia plans to allow the use of information about citizens without their consent. Andrei Turchak, Vice-Speaker of the Federation Council, presented the amendments to the law “On Personal Data” to the government.

The document has already received a positive review of the Cabinet, said the representative of Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov. The amendments state that the data owner will be obliged to depersonalize them so that no additional information would help to reveal the person.

Information that can be impersonal means a person’s location, gender, age, and average cellular bill (ARPU), told Izvestiya Nikita Danilov, head of the legal committee of the Big Data Market Participants Association.

He explained that Internet companies can add to this data about the interests and search queries of users, shopping in online stores, as well as information about the status of customer accounts.

The initiative does not give operators the right to sell their clients' personal data, but creates the ability to transfer impersonal information to improve service performance, for example, for city improvement, road traffic analysis or demand for services.