OREANDA-NEWS. The consequence is that the electrical wiring is the cause of a fire in the Kemerovo shopping and entertainment center Winter Cherry, which killed 60 people. This was reported to journalists in the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation.

"According to the investigation, on March 25, 2018, a fire broke out in Kemerovo on the 4th floor of the "Winter Cherry" shopping and entertainment center," the supervisory department said. They clarified that the fire quickly spread through the building, decorated with flammable materials.

“As a result of violations of the fire safety rules committed by the accused, it was impossible to extinguish the fire,” said the Prosecutor General’s Office. So, the fire extinguishing system was not connected to the alarm system, because of what it did not work during the fire, and the automatic water and powder fire extinguishing systems were out of order. "In addition, persons whose duties included opening evacuation exits, organizing the withdrawal of people from a dangerous place, as well as carrying out their rescue, having real possibilities for this, did not take the necessary actions," the supervisory agency said.

Among the accused in this case is the head of the guard of the fire and rescue unit number 2 Sergei Genin. Six others are among the defendants: Nadezhda Suddenok, general director of "Winter Cherry" LLC, Igor Polozinenko, director of the System Integrator company, and his employee (fire protection system engineer, cook by training) Alexander Nikitin, employee of a private security company Sergey Antyushin, technical director of the company Georgy Sobolev, owner of the shopping and entertainment center of the Kemerovo Confectionery Plant OJSC, and Yulia Bogdanova, general director of the plant.