OREANDA-NEWS. The press service of the Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Gordeyev reported that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin approved the new Doctrine of Food Security of the country. It is noted that the document was presented by the Deputy Prime Minister at the meeting of the Security Council.

The doctrine is one of the main strategic documents of the Russia’s national security, the press service noted. It proves the independent provision of the country with the main types of agricultural products to prevent possible internal and external risks.

According to the doctrine, it is necessary to create a state reserve of agricultural products, raw materials and food in anticipation of emergency, including bad weather and crop failure.

It is expected that the capacity of major crops and the fertility of agricultural land will increase. Unused arable land should return to operation.

“The document provides for increased quality control and food safety, its compliance with the mandatory requirements of the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union,” the press service stated.

The doctrine also contains various indicators of the country’s self-sufficiency. For vegetables, melons and gourds the threshold value is set at 90 %, for fruits and berries at 60 %, for seeds at 75 %.