OREANDA-NEWSThe peak of problems in the Russian economy has already passed, and the recovery is beginning. This was told by Russian President Vladimir Putin (pictured) in an interview today.

The Russian president noted that in 2020 the global economy could fall by about 5%. As for the Russian economy, the decline is expected within 5-6%, Putin said.

The President of Russia is also convinced that support for small business and support for individual large industries was provided by the state in a timely manner.

“I know that some enterprises were not included, for example, in the list, among those that receive support from the state, but have really suffered. And of course, the government should think about this and make appropriate timely decisions,” the president said.

“Look, our macroeconomic main indicators are behaving quite stably. Despite the predictions that there will be large fluctuations, we have 3.4% inflation just for today. And, according to expert forecasts, somewhere it will be approximately 3.4-3.41%, "Putin said.

The President also noted that, despite the difficulties, the reserves of the Russian Federation are growing, this creates an additional safety cushion.

At the same time, the Russian leader admitted that it would be better if oil prices were higher than now.