OREANDA-NEWS. Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that "gloomy beings" calls to abandon technological progress for the sake of nature conservation.

 Speaking at the II Global Summit on Production and Industrialization (GMIS), the Russian leader said that a “deep, meaningful discussion” is required to discuss the problem of combining long-term development and natural well-being, high quality of life for people.

 The President also noted that the world is now being forced to abandon progress.  Such a method of ensuring environmental safety, in his opinion, “will at best allow preservation of the situation” and “will create local well-being for the elect.”

 But the hopes that new technologies will save the planet from anthropogenic pressure, in many ways turned out to be an illusion.  "The degradation of nature and climate continues, and more and more sharply makes itself felt drought, crop failure, natural disasters," - said the head of state.