OREANDA-NEWSRussia will continue to build up its defense potential, but it's ready to do everything to push the “disarmament process”. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with senior officers and prosecutors on the occasion of their appointment to higher posts and the assignment of the highest military (special) ranks to them.

"Our army and navy have proved their high readiness, and we intend to build up our defense potential, and put on combat alert systems of hypersonic, laser, and other modern weapons that other countries don't have yet", Putin said. But this, the president noted, is "not a reason for Russia to threaten anyone".

"On the contrary, we are ready to do everything in our power to push the disarmament process, taking into account our latest weapons systems, the task of which is solely to guarantee security, taking into account the growing threats for us", the head of state emphasized. Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russian experts continue to develop advanced weapons even after they created new hypersonic weapons that have no analogues in the world.