OREANDA-NEWS. According to RIA agency, as Russian President Vladimir Putin said, Russians feel themselves as one people during a pandemic, share all common victories and difficulties thanks to common values.

He noted that at all times and historical eras, the main strength of Russia was in the talent of the people, their deeds and values - the values of mutual assistance, respect for native history, patriotism.

As Putin said during the plenary session of the Strong Ideas for a New Time forum, these moral principles today manifest themselves in soulful, genuine cultural, educational initiatives, social service of volunteers and the non-profit sector, in the work of a search movement that preserves the memory of Russian people about the Great World War II. Thanks to these common values ​​for Russians, they feel like a single people, sincerely share a common fate, victories, difficulties, and this year, as always, during a period of trials, and Russians, like people of the whole world, go through serious trials associated with this pandemic coronavirus.

Putin added that at this time, ordinary citizens, young people and medical workers, businessmen are doing "amazing, delighting in their generosity and cordiality." Putin noted that there are many brave, honest, responsive and active people in the Russian Federation, on whom the country rests.

In addition, the Russian leader added that the inhabitants of Russia need to reveal the colossal creative forces of their people, to implement their unique and original ideas and solutions, and together build a comfortable life for Russian people, a comfortable country for life.