OREANDA-NEWS. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he intends to be vaccinated against coronavirus tomorrow, March 23. At the same time, he stressed that vaccination should be absolutely voluntary.

"Vaccination is, of course, a voluntary choice of each person, a personal decision of each person. By the way, I myself intend to do it tomorrow," he said at a meeting on vaccination against coronavirus via videoconference.

The President of Russia noted that it is necessary to strive for the formation of collective immunity. He said: "It is necessary to achieve the formation of collective immunity of the population from COVID, for this we need about 70 million complete sets of vaccines." At the same time, Putin clarified that Russia can afford it, its production capacities allow it.

Putin noted that it is extremely important to increase the rate of vaccination against coronavirus in the Russian Federation. According to him, the entire vaccination process should be as accessible and convenient as possible.

Also, the President of the Russian Federation announced the number of vaccinated citizens in the country. He said that 6.3 million Russians have already been vaccinated against the coronavirus, 4.3 million people have been fully vaccinated.