OREANDA-NEWS. By the summer, the situation with vaccination of the population in Europe will significantly improve, the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen told the «Augsburger Allgemeine» newspaper on Wednesday, February 24. According to her, in the second quarter, «Biontech» will be able to deliver more doses of the vaccine than previously expected. In addition, deliveries of the drug to the American company «Johnson & Johnson» will begin. «We have made a bid for six vaccine suppliers, three of them are already in use (in Europe. - Ed.), two will be registered soon», said von der Leyen.

At the same time, in Poland, the population is growing skeptical about vaccination. About 33% of Poles do not want to get vaccine, the CBOS sociological service found. That's up 3% from another survey conducted in January. CBOS conducted the survey from February 1 to 11. According to it's results, 55% of Poles are going to be vaccinated, and less than 50% of those under the age of 49 are going to be vaccinated.

Poland's Health minister Adam Niedzielski on Tuesday warned against a third wave of the pandemic in the country. According to him, the question is not whether it will come, but in it's scope. On Tuesday, 6,310 new cases of coronavirus infection were detected in Poland, a thousand more than a week earlier.

In addition, 34% of Germans say, that they don't want to be vaccinated against coronavirus. These are the results of a survey of more than a thousand adults in Germany, conducted at the end of last year by the sociological service Norstat Institut for the Bertelsmann Foundation.