OREANDA-NEWS The specialit of  state Corporation "Roscosmos" sure, that the idea of Tatiana Rogozina to create a fan club of the Corporation is her "personal initiative".  Tatiana Rogozina  is the wife of the Head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin.

"It is a personal initiative," - said the press service of the Russian Space Agency, commenting on the proposal the Rogozina. At the same time, the state Corporation noted that space enthusiasts are supported.

Earlier, the wife of the Head of Roscosmos Tatiana Rogozina proposed to create a fan club in support of the Corporation. "Support Roscosmos! Create your own fan club! Let's all together - to the stars," she wrote on her Facebook page. Rogozina did not specify how the fan club will work.

As the General Director of Roscosmos reported in an interview, information attacks are being carried out against the state Corporation, one of the reasons for which is the special attitude of society to failures in the space sphere. The second source of attacks he called conscious work of competitors. Also, the head of the Corporation referred to the lack of professionalism of individual journalists.

Earlier Rogozin on the program " Moscow. Kremlin. Putin "on the channel" Russia-1", said that Russia in 2019 will make a" breakthrough in the market of launch services", activating the international program.

"There is no critical technological lag from NASA. There are consequences of the loss of the pace of development of the industry over the past 10-12 years," Rogozin wrote in response to a question from one of the users whether the head of the state Corporation recognizes the technological gap from NASA and the private company SpaceX.
However, according to him, the lag will appear if not to re-equip the enterprise and not to develop transition to new rocket and space equipment.