OREANDA-NEWS. As representatives of the press service of Rospotrebnadzor told, on November 12, more than 70% of all pneumonia patients in Russia are adult urban residents. At the same time, residents of rural areas are less susceptible to pneumonia.

According to the agency, long-term observations show that the incidence of community-acquired pneumonia in Russia is not uniform. This disease does not have a clearly pronounced seasonality. Among patients with pneumonia, adult urban residents predominate, accounting for about 70%, which indicates the importance of the social factor in epidemiology.

Usually, foci of pneumonia arise in families in which timely isolation of patients with ARVI has not been done. In addition, cases of pneumonia can be observed due to disruption of ventilation and non-compliance with air exchange requirements. Outbreaks of community-acquired pneumonia most often occur against the background of the incidence of ARVI.

To prevent pneumonia, Rospotrebnadzor advised to lead a healthy lifestyle, exercise, observe proper nutrition, ventilation and wet cleaning regimes in the premises, as well as hygiene requirements. In addition, you should get vaccinated against the flu every year, because pneumonia is often a complication of it.