OREANDA-NEWS. Russian Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) has published the list of jobs that pay the highest salaries in the country. This was done after research conducted in January 2019.

To come up with its ranking, Rosstat looked at jobs where people can get the highest salaries, during January 2019, and compiled a list of highest-paying fields.

If one looks to work in a stable industry, that too paying a high salary, he may want to consider mining field. Mining operations certainly pay off, says Rosstat, and this field heads the list of highest-paying jobs where Russians can make the most money. In January 2019, Rosstat has detected the highest average monthly salary in mining operations, where employees earn 79.4 thousand rubles ($1222.7 at current rates).

Insurance area is ranked second in the list in terms of profitability with an average salary of 77.3 thousand rubles ($1190.4 at current rates). The same position belongs to information and communication fields where Russians get on average 66.2 thousand rubles ($1019.4).

The top five most highly paid industries also included professional, scientific and technical fields where salary is normally 61.2 thousand rubles ($942.4). Those who work in such field as transportation and storage, earn on average 46.9 thousand rubles ($722.2).

Employees of hotel business and public catering establishments get the smallest wages. Their salaries are 27.2 thousand rubles ($418.8). Those employed in the field of agriculture, forestry, hunting, fishing and fish farming earn almost the same amount - 27.3 thousand rubles ($420.4).

As a whole, the average salary in Russia during January 2019 has been 42.2 thousand rubles ($649.8), which exceeds the figure in the same period of the last year by 8.3 percent.