OREANDA-NEWS. Citizens of Russia began to work more often without any documents.  In the second quarter of 2019, the number of informal workers increased by 1.5 million, compared with the first quarter.  The corresponding study was conducted by Rosstat.

 According to the statistics of the department, the share of unofficial citizens reached 21.3%.  Experts attribute this to a reduction in small business, writes RBC.

 According to Rosstat, the rate of informal workers grew by almost 4% compared to the same period last year.

 The total number of unofficially arranged Russians is 15 million 250 thousand people.  In total, 71 million 600 thousand are employed in the country.  This means that every fifth citizen of the country works in the informal sector.

 Informal employment is most developed in the republics of the North Caucasus: Chechnya (65.5% of the total employed population), Ingushetia (50%), Kabardino-Balkaria (49.6%), Dagestan (43.7%).

 The smallest share of people employed in the informal sector is in St. Petersburg (10%), Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug (9.7%), Khabarovsk Territory (9.4%), Murmansk Region (8.6%), Nenets (8,  4%) and the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (7.6%), in Moscow (4.1%) and in Chukotka (1.2%).