OREANDA-NEWS The Northern sea route is the main Arctic shipping line of Russia. The route connects the ports of the Arctic and major rivers of the Northern region.

Ambassador at large of the Russian foreign Ministry for international cooperation in the Arctic Nikolai Korchunov said that Russia considers China an important partner in the possible development of the Northern sea route. He also said that Russia is open to dialogue with other countries on the Northern sea route.

Nikolay Korchunov also noted that Russia is pursuing an open, consistent and international cooperation-oriented policy in the Arctic. An example of this is the participation of European and Asian countries in the Arctic project-LNG, as well as in the field of Maritime logistics.

Earlier, Russian Ambassador to China Andrei Denisov said that Russia will not be able to achieve the implementation of one project of the Northern sea route. This requires a lot of investment and effort. And in China, he sees great help and the opportunity to implement this project with him. Andrey Denisov noted that Chinese partners are showing great interest in cooperation with Russia in the Arctic region.

Recall that for Russia the project of development of the Northern sea route will cost 587.5 billion rubles, including 265.9 billion from the Federal budget. This plan Russia has set itself until 2024.

The Northern sea route project includes the construction of a base and a berth for the Parking of rescue vessels in Murmansk, the construction of facilities of the global Maritime communication system in case of disaster and to ensure security, the development of the port infrastructure of the Northern sea route.