OREANDA-NEWS. Russia and China blocked the UN Security Council resolution to extend cross-border operations to deliver humanitarian aid to Syria through two checkpoints on the border with Turkey. 13 permanent members of the UN Security Council voted for the resolution, and 2 of them voted against it.

This information was confirmed by the Permanent Representative of Russia to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzya. It is known that Russia intends to present its own draft resolution instead of previous version proposed by Belgium and Germany.

Russia offers to extend the mechanism not for a year, but for six months. Moscow also says that cargos should be transferred not at two checkpoints, but at one of them. The Russian Permanent Mission to the UN said in a statement that due to the fact that the size of the territory controlled by terrorists in the Idlib Governorate has decreased by 30 %, Russian side is confident that this checkpoint will be enough to satisfy all the humanitarian needs of the people living in this territory.