OREANDA-NEWS. Russia and China have outlined steps to create a joint scientific lunar station.  This is stated in the message of Roskosmos following the 20th meeting of the subcommission on cooperation in the field of space of the Russian-Chinese commission on the preparation of regular meetings of heads of government, published on the website of the state corporation.

 The meeting was attended by the Director General of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin, and the PRC was represented by the head of the China National Space Administration, Zhang Kejian.

 The sides discussed the cooperation of countries in the field of space: the study of the Moon and deep space, interaction in the areas of electronic component base (ECB) of rocket engines and launch vehicles, as well as low-orbit satellite communication systems.

 At a time when Roscosmos loudly announces its intentions and postpones the stages of implementing its own lunar program, China began its development in 1998 and has already achieved significant success in its implementation.

 Thus, in January 2019, the Chinese spacecraft Chang'e-4 made the first landing in the history of mankind on the far side of the moon, and then conducted an experiment on germinating seeds.  Earlier, students of the Beijing University of Aviation and Cosmonautics conducted an experiment to simulate the lives of people on the moon for 370 days.