OREANDA-NEWS. After the use of Turkish Bayraktar drone by Ukrainian side in the Donbass, Russia may not limit itself to just harsh words about Ukraine. This opinion was expressed in an article for the The National Interest magazine by Mark Episkopos.

Moscow believes that the use of Turkish drones near the contact line violates the Minsk agreements, but Kiev does not agree with this. According to the observer, Russia is allegedly transferring troops to its western borders.

On the same day, Oleksiy Arestovich, a freelance press secretary of the Kiev delegation for Donbass, said that Ukraine did not violate the Minsk agreements by using a Turkish-made drone in Donbass, since the agreements prohibit the use of foreign drones, and those that are in Ukrainian armed forces service are not foreign.

On October 26, the General Staff of the Ukraine army announced the use of a Bayraktar drone in Donbass. Since 2014, Kiev has been conducting a military operation against the Donbass’ residents, who refused to recognize the new government in Ukraine. At the same time, Kiev blames Moscow for the current situation.