OREANDA-NEWS. As the press service of the St. Petersburg company "Kronstadt" said, it has developed a nano-UAV to equip the "soldier of the future".

The creation of small drones has been one of the main trends in this industry in recent years. These devices are getting smaller and smaller, but at the same time they are getting smarter very fast. It is assumed that in the future such devices will be able to use both singly and in "swarms", uniting tens, hundreds and more units.

The developers of the Krondstadt company claim that they have designed and manufactured a nano-UAV weighing 180 grams. It is needed to solve a number of specialized military tasks, in particular to equip the "soldiers of the future."

During the tests, the new drones were able to overcome the rubble and destroyed rooms, windows and doors of buildings. According to the developers, in addition to military applications, "nano-UAVs" could be useful in protecting the airspace over strategic objects, including civilian ones, for example, power plants.

According to the plans of the Ministry of Defense, robotic systems and UAVs will be integrated into the next, third generation Ratnik combat equipment, the research work on which was completed in 2017.