OREANDA-NEWS.  Due to two administrative offenses, a Western journalist Tom Vennik, who had been working in the country since 2015, was expelled from Russia. This is reported by the BBC.

The first administrative violation was committed by the author of the Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant, who wrote on political and social topics related to Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, in November 2019, without timely informing about the change of residence. The second was in January 2019, due to an uncoordinated visit to Chukotka.

As a result, Vennik had his residence permit in Russia revoked and was banned from entering the country until 2025. This requirement was presented to the journalist on November 1. "I was informed that I have to leave Russia within three days," Vennik said.

According to Peter Klok, editor-in-chief of de Volkskrant, "in previous years, such administrative offenses have never been an obstacle to extending a residence permit."

In February, the Associated Press reported that Chinese authorities had arrested an Australian journalist of Chinese origin on suspicion of transferring state secrets abroad. It was clarified that Cheng Lei worked for the Chinese international news channel CGTN.