OREANDA-NEWS The division of the United Nations to find solutions for the stable development presented the annual report of the World Happiness Report 2018 of the happiest countries in the world.

The authors of the study have traditionally taken into account six factors since 2013: GDP per capita, social support, life expectancy, freedom of citizens to make vital decisions, generosity and attitude to corruption. These indicators are evaluated on a ten-point scale, after which the average score for each country is displayed.

Thus, Finland scored an average of 7.63 points, in second place Norway (7.59), followed by Denmark (7.55), Iceland (7.49) and Switzerland (7.44). The US took the 18th line (6.88). Russia is located on 59-m a place (of 5.81), it lost to Northern Cyprus (5,83), but ahead of Kazakhstan (5,79). In comparison with 2017 Russia has lost ten positions, then, she took 49th place c index 5.96.

At the same time, Venezuela lost 2.2 points and dropped from 82nd place (5.25) to 102nd (4.8). The authors of the study note that this country has shown the largest drop in comparison with other States.

Finland has already become the happiest country in the world, but in a different ranking. At the end of 2017, she topped the rating of the Danish The Happiness Research Institute. Qualitative and quantitative assessments based on the recommendations of the United Nations and the Organization for economic cooperation and development were used for its preparation. In particular, unemployment, inflation, GDP per capita and surveys on citizens ' satisfaction with life and certain events.

On March 20, the world celebrates the international day of happiness, which was established by the UN General ASSEMBLY resolution on June 28, 2012.