OREANDA-NEWS In 2019, should begin the work on the creationplatform for job search and recruitment on the basis of the resource "Work in Russia", according to the action plan of the Federal project "Digital public administration" of the national program "Digital economy".

The first version of the portal "Work in Russia" (trudvsem.ru) was launched by Rostrud in January 2009. Initially, it was a database of vacancies from employment services, which does not affect the niche of highly paid professions. In July 2015, after restarting the portal, a rating of regions appeared, from which the applicant can find out the price level in a particular subject of the Federation, get information about the availability of housing and the level of unemployment.

With "Work in Russia" began to operate the largest Russian companies — Gazprom, Russian Railways, Federal state unitary enterprise "Mail of Russia", the state Corporation RosTec and others. In March 2018, a new section appeared on the portal — the all-Russian social network of business contacts Skillsnet.ru, which allows employers and job seekers to communicate directly through the website or mobile app.

As explained by Director of "Personnel and education"  the "Digital economy" Andrew Rural, the transformation of "Work in Russia" can allow the portal "to become a Russian alternative to foreign networks of b2b and b2c professional contacts." "Digital economy" is also responsible for the implementation of the national program of the same name, and work on improving the portal "Work in Russia" will also be carried out within the direction of" Personnel and education". "The participants of the Russian Internet recruiting market, with whom we actively cooperate, support this initiative. In their opinion, in case of its successful technical implementation and effective communication with citizens, the service will be able to significantly expand the existing audience of users of online job search services, which will contribute to the development of the labor market as a whole," said Selskiy.