OREANDA-NEWS. As the head of the Federal Tax Service (FTS) of Russia, Daniil Yegorov, said, speaking at the festive board dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the department, all civil status records in Russia will soon become digital: divorce certificates will no longer be issued, and marriage certificates may only be preserved exclusively for the solemnity and atmosphere of the wedding ceremony.

The official said that all the bodies of the Civil Registry Office of Russia are now working in a single information base - the Federal State Information System "Unified State Register of Civil Status Acts" (USR ZAGS). All registered acts of civil status are entered into this system, and its operator is the Federal Tax Service.

USR REGISTRY OFFICE is a cloud-based registry of all civil status records. By the end of the year, information from 1926 will be digitized, and this is 525 million records, which until now have been isolated on paper. In the near future is the transition to the registry model and the abandonment of some types of paper forms.

By the way, according to Yegorov, it was thanks to the work of this system that the government of the Russian Federation this year was able to provide targeted support to families with children. He explained that with colleagues from the regions and the Ministry of Justice, they quickly worked out more than 77 million records, so that the database was complete, so that the services were provided with high quality, so that parents did not need to go to offices and prove that they have a child. It was enough just to send a statement.

The department itself expects that the Unified Population Register, which is created on the basis of the USR of the Civil Registry Office, will become a reference source of reliable information about individuals in a couple of years.