OREANDA-NEWSThe bill submitted to the State Duma by deputies from United Russia, the Liberal Democratic Party and Just Russia suggests that Russia won't consider decisions of foreign courts regarding Russian citizens and companies subject to sanctions of the United States and other foreign countries to be legitimate. This was announced on Tuesday by the Russian media one of the authors of the initiative, the first deputy head of the Duma spravorossov Mikhail Emelyanov.

“Now companies or officials under sanctions are deprived of the opportunity to defend their rights in foreign courts. If a lawsuit is brought against them, then it's highly likely that it will be lost because they simply can't defend themselves”, explained the parliamentarian. “Therefore, it's proposed that all claims to these companies go only through Russian courts”. “Those decisions that will be made in respect of them by foreign courts won't be recognized by the Russian side”, he stressed.

According to the text, "all companies must unilaterally conclude agreements with their partners that such cases should be considered in the Russian courts", continued Yemelyanov. “If the partners don't follow this law, file a lawsuit in foreign courts, there will be appropriate decisions, our court can take reciprocal decisions to impose a fine on the same amount within Russia on that company that demanded money”, - He outlined the essence of the initiative.

"Currently, these citizens of the Russian Federation and Russian legal entities due to the introduction of restrictive measures against them are in fact deprived of the opportunity to protect their rights in the courts of foreign countries, international organizations or arbitration courts located outside the territory of the Russian Federation".