OREANDA-NEWS. According to the new rules of labor protection in medical organizations, published by the Ministry of Labor, ambulance doctors are prohibited from sleeping and reading anything other than medical documentation on the way to call, as well as eating or smoking in the cabin. They should also not distract the driver with conversations, force him to drive quickly and turn on sirens or flashers on their own.

Accompanying the patient by relatives is allowed if the number of ambulance passengers coincides with the number of seats in the car.

If the car catches fire, doctors are obliged to evacuate with the patient, then move 10-15 meters away and call emergency services.

As the "Parlamentskaya gazeta" writes, it is impossible for other doctors to drink, smoke and eat in the workplace, as well as to engage in tasks that are not provided for by duties. The new document also prohibits the storage of drugs without labels, with illegible names and in damaged packaging. In addition, it is forbidden to taste and smell drugs, use faulty equipment and products that are not registered in Russia.

Employees of infectious diseases hospitals should cut their nails short, always keep their hands clean, including when servicing anesthesia machines. They must not wear clothing made of synthetic materials to avoid the build-up of static electricity, and must remove metal objects and jewelry before work.