OREANDA-NEWS  Upgraded tanks with increased protection of the T-72B3M began to enter the troops, this the commander-in-chief of the Army Colonel-General Oleg Salyukov said in an interview.

According to this information, motorized rifle and tank units also receive improved infantry fighting vehicles BMP-3 and armored personnel carriers BTR-82A. "Re-equipment is quite intensive," said Salyukov, adding that since the beginning of the year the troops have transferred more than 2.2 thousand modern weapons and military equipment. We are talking about the “Buk-M3” anti-aircraft missile systems, Arctic modifications of the Tor-M2 missile system, Tornado-G multiple launch rocket systems.

According to Slukov, in the reactive compound "is planned to flow of the reactive systems of volley fire "Tornado-C" with the increased performance in range and accuracy and extended range rockets of high power". To combat drones in the interests of SV developed anti-aircraft artillery complex "Derivation-air defense" with a 57-millimeter automatic gun, reminded the commander.

Also, work on the new artillery complexes "Coalition-SV" and "Nabrosok" is coming to an end.

In his address to the Federal Assembly in March, President Vladimir Putin said that the Russian army had received more than 300 new military equipment and 80 new Intercontinental ballistic missiles. Also, the military handed over more than 100 missiles for submarines and three new submarines of the project "Borey". In addition, 12 missile regiments were fully re-equipped with YARS missile systems.

In March 2018, the President reported that more than 300 new models of military equipment were adopted. "The strategic nuclear forces received 80 new Intercontinental ballistic missiles, 102 submarine-launched ballistic missiles, three strategic missile cruisers "Borey". 12 missile regiments have been rearmed to the new YARS missile complex, "Putin stressed.