OREANDA-NEWS  Russian authorities in 2019-2021 will allocate 2.9 billion rubles for the issue of digital certificates for training Russians in the field of information technology (IT), said the Director of the direction "Personnel and education" ("Personnel for the digital economy") autonomous nonprofit organization "Digital economy" Andrew Rural.

"The amount of funds will be 409 million rubles in 2019, 2.9 billion rubles in total in 2019-2021. The funds will be allocated within the framework of the Federal project "Personnel for the digital economy" of the national program "Digital economy", — he said.

Personal digital certificates are incentive payments that the state will allocate to the development of citizens of such competencies as basic programming, the basics of working with data or communication in modern digital environments. With the help of the certificate, it will be possible to pass an online training program or to apply in person to an organization that provides educational services that meet the needs of a new type of economy.

In October 2018, the curator of the direction "Personnel and education" of the program "Digital economy" Oleg Podolsky said in an interview that Russians from 2019 will be able to undergo training on the basics of the digital economy through free personal certificates that will take into account their career interests and opportunities. In 2019, it is expected to distribute 5,000 digital certificates in various regions of Russia, and up to 1 million by 2024.

According to the study of the Analytical center of NAFI and ANO "Digital economy", more than a quarter of Russians are interested in obtaining digital certificates for training in the field of IT. Every third noted that he risks losing his job if he does not undergo training in this area. Interest in education is highest among young people (64%) and decreases with age. The preferred form of training for the majority of Russians (61%) considering improving their skills in the field of IT — specialized courses.