OREANDA-NEWS. The deputy of the Kursk Regional Duma from the Communist Party, Nikolai Kartsev, said that he contributed to the recovery of several people from the coronavirus. According to him, they were helped to defeat the infection by a grocery set, which included garlic, horseradish and moonshine, Russian media «Izvestia» informs.

«I went into the red zone without a mask, where the seriously ill. It was January 1st. I brought a cure for the coronavirus: lard, garlic, a jar of honey, horseradish, well, and a jar of moonshine. And then, all four who were lying in this chamber recovered», the deputy said.

He clarified that he is talking about events that took place at the very beginning of 2021. Then the deputy visited a relative infected with coronavirus in the hospital. The parliamentarian also stated that the main reason for the incidence of coronavirus is fear, which negatively affects immunity. According to him, he turned to television and offered to prove the correctness of his words by visiting any hospital in the capital without a mask. The deputy even expressed his willingness to «kiss every patient», but his idea was rejected.

Kartsev also noted that he himself was not ill with coronavirus and was not vaccinated. In his opinion, the prayer «Our Father» helps him to keep healthy.