OREANDA-NEWS. Tests of a new technique for treating coronavirus infection began by Russian scientists at the N.V. Sklifosovsky Research Institute of Emergency Medicine in Moscow. According to the capital’s health department, the essence of the new technique is the use of helium.

According to the decision of doctors, the patient breathes helium oxide, heated to 92 degrees, for 15 minutes. The increase in blood flow in the lungs, according to the authors of the methodology, should reduce airway resistance, relax smooth muscles and reduce the activity of the virus. In this case, the patient will not experience discomfort from high temperature. “The procedure can be compared with a visit to the sauna”, the department said.

They noted that the effectiveness of helium is explained by its special property, which allows normalizing the gas composition of the blood and restoring the acid-base balance. “In addition, helium improves blood circulation and microcirculation in various tissues of the body, which is extremely important, since microcirculatory disturbance is one of the main causes of death from coronavirus”, the department said.