OREANDA-NEWSThe Embassy of the Russian Federation in Austria notes the frequent cases of the appearance in the European and some Austrian media of untrue fabrications about the spread of coronavirus in Russia. This was stated on Saturday in a message to the Russian diplomatic mission in Vienna, provided to the Russian media.

On April 3, the Austrian Press Agency (APA) circulated a statement by Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg that misinformation during a pandemic allegedly comes mainly from Russia, countries close to Russia or China. The Austrian Minister expressed such an opinion on the results of a video conference with the participation of colleagues from EU member states.

No concrete examples of the alleged Russian misinformation were given. Russian Ambassador to Austria Dmitry Lyubinsky expressed surprise to the Russian media in connection with these statements by Schallenberg in the media. At the same time, he recalled the need for common international efforts to combat coronavirus.

According to the Ministry of Health of Austria, 11,781 people have so far been infected with the coronavirus, 186 have died, 2,507 have recovered.