OREANDA-NEWS. The Perchikov family from the village of Tomsino, Pskov Region, who asked for a mini-tractor from Russian president Vladimir Putin, plans to move to the Leningrad Region because of baiting of their fellow villagers.

In the end of 2018, Taisiya Perchikova, an 11-year-old schoolgirl from Sebezhsky district (Pskov Region), without elders’ knowledge, sent an electronic message to the Russian president Vladimir Putin with a request to give a mini-tractor to her mother.

The girl has explained that she and her mother, Yelena Perchikova, live in an old individual house, they do not have enough money, because mother’s salary is just about 12 000 rubles ($186,8) per month, even though she works as a nurse at two rates and as a doctor on duty in intensive care unit, in a village hospital. To feed the family, Yelena Perchikova keeps a cow and goats and works in a small plot where she has a vegetable garden, but she doesn’t have enough time and strength to work there in between her shifts. In September, the only school in Tomsino village was closed, so Taisiya, as well as other children, was going to a neighboring village school every day. After school she was helping her mother - milking the cow and the goats, looking after the animals and doing household chores.

The media wrote about this, followed by strangers and charitable foundations helping the family. The Kremlin administration hasn’t answered the schoolgirl’s request, but the government of the Pskov region called a special commission to sort out the situation with the Perchikovs. In January, the Pskov authorities announced their intention to allocate funds to a woman for the purchase of a mini-tractor, concluding a social contract with her that allows them to track the targeted use of this money.

According to the authorities, after the appeal to the president the family’s relations with their fellow villagers deteriorated significantly. The villagers believe that the girl did not have the right to complain about the problems to Vladimir Putin, since life in the village is hard for many of them, and they accused Perchikovs of fraud. Mother and daughter were threatened in the streets, coevals started boycotting the girl, her mother was forced to quit her job, and now the family is planning to move to another village.

“I resigned from the hospital on March 14. The management has forced me to do so. I will try to move to the Leningrad Region,” Yelena Perchikova told in an interview to Russian media.